Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Learning

S has been working on Human Anatomy for science - 
although what has really captured her interest has been the new slides we got for the microscope.

Watching Crash Course videos to go along with our history chapter (thanks for the tip Aunt Jennifer!) 

We're trying All About Reading and All About Spelling this fall. 
Some of my more advanced readers and spellers are obviously enjoying the letter tile board.

Poetry teatime!

C chose this squash from our CSA box for his still life drawing

Making sculptures out of Sculpey

Keeping it real - the table after 4 kids are done with it on a typical day 
(the play dough is my pre-K-er's).

TRIGGER WARNING - dead stuff

I'm touched by my kids reactions to things in nature sometimes. Often when we are out hiking and exploring we come across animal remains, and often the children are interested. At the park they stumbled upon this very newly passed Scrub Jay. The boys and I initially found it, and their reaction was purely scientific, examining as closely as I would let them get, then finally running off. MG disappeared for a time, later to come get me to show me the memorial she had made for the bird:

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